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Vertex Animation to UE4 problem July 8, 2019, 5:03 a.m.

I tried to export an rbd simulation to Unreal. I used animation_vertex_texture ROP for that. I followed the video https://vimeo.com/212982381 [vimeo.com] (which is a great video).
But when I exported the packed objects I got a bad motion, it appears as the fragmented pieces had a bad pivot. So I tried to export an unpacked object. In that case the tool seems to create a 0 rot map. And save just the positions of the vertices and I got a correct motion in unreal.
So something seems to be messed up while creating the rot map. Do you have any idea, why I got a different result then in the masterclass??? What should I be care while creating rot map???
Thank you.

OceanFoam displacement problems March 26, 2018, 4:40 a.m.

I have a problem with oceanfoam displacements.

I've got this result always whenever I put down manualy the oceanfoam sop and link it the result to the oceanSurface shader's oceanfoam particles path.

What you can see in the picture, that first I clicked on the “Small Ocean” from the shelf tool, that puts down automaticly the ocean foam SOP and also creates the link on the oceansurface shader. That renders with no problem.

After that I moved the camera, recached the oceanfoam (from the camera) I disabled the link and point on the path manually, and after that the render is destroyed. I creates these spike artifacts. I made this workflow only for demonstration purpose, that whenever the link for the oceanfoam path is made manualy I got this weird render result.

Does anyone have any idea what Im missing??? Thank you.

defgeo Jan. 28, 2015, 3:30 a.m.

Hi! When I create a new geometry I dont see the dumy box, as it should be, but it appears a container with some volume in it. How can I fix this to get the default dumy box back???