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Houdini won't load .OBJ files Feb. 9, 2018, 6:45 p.m.

Ok, opened a shell window via Houdini (cmd) and tried gwavefront to convert to and from .obj/.bgeo - it works without issues… So I'm guessing main program has some issues calling external apps.
Houdini won't load .obj derived this way (source .obj -> .bgeo -> .obj), but I can load the .bgeo, which will suffice for now.
It's still not fixed and I would like to know at least why it isn't working.

This is the converted .obj, which now looks ok:

# File exported by Houdini 16.5.323 (
# 8911 points
# 30066 vertices
# 10022 primitives
# Bounds: [-165.950775, -15.8894215, -177.267975] to [150.687927, 326.117096, 124.150085]
v -8.09147644 -6.00000021e-06 -1.60949504
v -8.33779907 -9.99999975e-06 -2.52924299

Thanks again ndickson for your time!

Houdini won't load .OBJ files Feb. 9, 2018, 2:49 p.m.

New clue!

I have created a default torus, saved it as .bgeo and tried to use gwavefront to create an .obj. It cannot read files at all! But, when I right-clicked at torus SOP and save it as torus.obj - it works and that .obj loads successfully.
But as before the code in that .obj is tottaly different than in any other I have:

Houdini .obj:
NPoints 288 NPrims 288
NPointGroups 0 NPrimGroups 0
NPointAttrib 0 NVertexAttrib 0 NPrimAttrib 0 NAttrib 0
0.75 -2.18556941e-08 -5.84121551e-07 1
0.724444211 -2.18556941e-08 -0.194114819 1
0.649518847 -2.18556941e-08 -0.375000447 1
0.530329764 -2.18556941e-08 -0.53033042 1

Standard .obj:
mtllib pine.mtl
o tree
# Position
v -2.20836377144 -4.8485330808e-006 -1.27499949932
v -2.15145754814 -8.18150328996e-006 -2.15145754814
v -1.40249943733 -9.23769675865e-006 -2.42920041084
v -0.566651940346 -8.04200226412e-006 -2.11477351189

Can you try above and see if there is a difference between Houdini .obj and any other?

Houdini won't load .OBJ files Feb. 9, 2018, 2:21 p.m.

Another possible workaround, (though it probably won't work given the past results) :

  1. Put down a Unix SOP
  2. Set the command line to gwavefront the_path_to_the_OBJ_file_in_question.obj stdout.bgeo
  3. Set the display flag to it (if it wasn't already there.)

Of course it doesn't

Regarding anti-virus, I have Malwarebytes anti-malware, when I installed Houdini and when I work with it - Malwarebytes is not running, it isn't on autostart at all. Checked all of it's reports, nothing found - nothing quarantined.

I only have problem with .OBJ, all others work as expected. And its the same goddamn error - “Expected array object” in some library… Backend IO - I presume something within the Houdini files or settings…

It is really frustrating and I know reinstalling Win10 will probably fix it but I really don't want to do that.