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Round one, no pun intended

One more indie noob trying to learn, Alembic Oct. 16, 2018, 7:19 a.m.

Hey guys, so happy to be here first. Just jumped in and went indie. Loving it so far.
So i made a set up from entagma´s tut. Curl noise on a copy to point to drive the orientation on clones.
Looks great, runs great on H. But i´ve seen quite a few workflow for alembic and i ran into trouble.
When i export my alembic i get 500000 objects, since my copy to point grid source un 50 by 50.
This will halt cinema in its tracks, almost imposible to render. To me there must be a way to generate one object that contains the alembic animation, instead of separated alembics.
I´ve tried with limited know how to une the alembic nodes, alembic export, and alembic node.
tried merged and going up, i tried a new geo now and import the object from the other node. No luck still.

So the question is, how do i get 500000 objects to maintain their animation but export into one alembic with one object.
i know c4d dislikes multiple objects so this is that worst case scenario for it. Not i was thinking there might be a way of only importing maybe matrix info, so i can then in c4d attach geo to the matrix.

anyways im a bit lost with this exporting workflow.
reference Tutorials are appreciated pls.