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FBX Exporter... if you cant wait Q2 or if you are lazy April 30, 2008, 11:23 a.m.

1) Dont blame the exchange. I still think it is not that bad!
2) This world of 3D (well not only 3D) is full of A**holes who pushed me to remove the FBX exporter. I cant believe (although having 10 years of exp) some can behave like spoiled kids and pretending to be experts and steal work of others without shame.
3) This is exporter was written in one day, it is not that hard to write. So studios having RnD dept, should not deserve it, and they should start kicking some arses and review the experience of the pretended 3D experts!
4) Finally for the ones who are genuine and dont have the skills of programming , they can send me a PM and I will send the DSO.
5) If not SESI is about to release a version of Houdini with FBX exporter soon, I even think that is available for the ones who has licenses.

I know I am pissed off!

One more exporter: SOP_PDC_Exporter ( yes for Schmaya) March 31, 2008, 3:27 p.m.

New version of the PDC_exporter on the exchange, using the new method getAttribData for Houdini 9.1 and now it is possible to export all points attributes.

One more exporter: SOP_PDC_Exporter ( yes for Schmaya) March 28, 2008, 6 p.m.

I just put on the Exchange the new version of the SOP_PDC_Exporter. I cant believe that noone complained that it was broken and full of memory problems.
Anyway, it is there, and the embedded Help explains how to export step by step. It will only export the following attributes:
- Position
- Velocity
- Accelaration
- ID
- Life (which is Schmaya is Life and Age )

When compiling there is some warnings regarding getting the attributes, cause the new builds H9.1 use a different method which I will implement soon. And at least this version will work for version below 9.1
PS: Well if you wonder why such an exporter?
- You can impress your friends ( or supervisor ) and lie to them saying you've done some great particles in Schmaya.
- Because you have done some cool particles so easy in Houdini and you want to make them look bad and love difficult things in Life.
- Also I am tired to hear people complaining about Houdini and other packages non compability!
- PSS: SESI I am kind of sorry of the consequences of such a plugin.