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Apple Silicon? April 29, 2021, 8:06 a.m.

i asked on support

apr 22:

"Side Effects Support Ticket: #98593

Hello Maciek,
We haven't received any on our offices yet.
We do know that the M1 is incapable of running Tesselation shaders with Geometry shaders. It's a known issue (at least to Apple)."

Maybe we can start campaign to donate Mac M1 or upcoming M1X to sidefx.. so they can do some work.

Apple Silicon? Nov. 26, 2020, 9:23 p.m.

Well.. apperantly M1.. is faster than macbook pro i7 4 core. in Houdini + 3delight as render engine.. soo.. yeah it is already faster than.. all 4 core laptops.. apperantly the upcoming macbook pro 16.. will have 8 high performance cores + 4 efficient cores.. currently m1 have 4 highperformance and 4 efficient.. so kinda we will get double performance with mean… it will be… faster than all 8 core laptops… like Ryzen 4900H etc.. Currently the Ryzen 4900H gets around 10k score in CB23… and M1 get's 7k

considering that ARM CPU&GPU uses same memory.. the M1 have kinda 16GB GPU… if macbook pro 16.. and M2 chip will have for example 32GB memory.. that will mean.. that we can do some pretty nice GPU volume sims etc… not even mentioning what will happen if they will make 64GB version.

i think the future of 3D on apple hardware is finally looking good!

Status check if failed, automaticly recook March 19, 2019, 1:33 p.m.

The problem i have is that as u can see some dots.. are not cooked correctly.. and they have status faild… And if i will click on it and choose recook they recook correctly… so is there way to somehow filter this… and tell program to cook again? any ideas?? i have idea to use filter by expresion and simply put status.. but don't know is this correct way.. and is status a variable that will be read… is there some correct way of doing this?

Also might be good idea… for tops… to try by itself once all is done to make again 1 pass… that u could set in settings. do you want extra check pass or not.