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Request for Feedback & New Features: Houdini Unity plugin March 17, 2022, 3:40 p.m.

I tend to use HEngine to replace the need to code complex native tools for geometry manipulation. For example a basic spline generator, destruction, LOD generation etc.

More immediate feedback related features. I'd like to use HEngine to create tools for the editor that, from the viewpoint of the creator, feels no different than any other unity tool. Loss of session connection, having to rebuild/recook etc makes it feel a bit more janky than it could. It's not bad currently, but feels like it could be improved some. I understand that some of this may be unavoidable.

Improved curve editing. The new H19 curve editor feels nice, it would be nice to have those features directly available in unity.

Improved on boarding experience. The licensing, download, etc process feels more complicated than it could be. Being able to treat HEngine like a more standalone system would be an improvement for the artists using the HDAs.

Compile to native or similar. It would be fantastic to be able to take an HDA and compile it to a more self contained native tool. Something that is more streamlined and responsive or able to run without the need for a full Houdini installation.

Native material inputs. The drag and drop object inputs are great, it would be nice to have the same functionality for materials instead of the path reference.

Expanded painting tool features: Smoothing, erasing, modifier key support etc. Anything that can be done to improve the painting tools would be nice, they are a very intuitive way of interacting with the HDA.

Expanded gizmo/widget/gnomon support. The python extensions to tools in Houdini has been a major improvement. Anything that can provide more interactive tool support in Unity would be very handy.

Transfer of more Houdini UI features to HDA inspector. Houdini's UI tools are really fantastic and I spend a fair amount of time making use of them in the HDA to improve UX. It would be nice if more of that could be represented in the unity inspector. Features like: tooltips, conditional visibility/grey out, radio buttons, tab groups etc. I know some of it is already supported but it would be nice if more of it could be available.

[Announcement] Unity Curve UX Improvement for Houdini 18.5.541. March 17, 2022, 5:47 a.m.

Great improvement!

Are there plans to extend the new curve functionality in 19 to the Unity editor? Specifically the radius properties/widgets.