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My compliment to the H15,and report a little bug Jan. 9, 2016, 12:37 a.m.


i am a hobbyist of vfx ,i have been study houdini science 11 ,and i really love houdini 15 .

i had tested arnold for houdini for a mounth ,and after i find out the new principled shader node, new layer system , i just remove arnold path from my houdini.env file.

To my eyes ,mantra really have a better color out put vs arnold which is a little washed out and pale to me, like light was bounced every where.

mantra out put seems to give stuff more weight and feel of mass to the material.

when i was using 11~14 version of H i had to export my geo to maya or max ,to do some twick just because houdini's handle tool can't fit my artistic need,and now with the new edit tool ,one node ,and i don't have to open maya and max any more ,scince i do my animation and fx in houdini. i just find out the new edit node today,and i love it .

and then there is a bug, i have to report it to make it perfect.
which is :
“in sculpt function of edit node , after i set it to smooth brush it still doing normal peak on my stroke .”
now i am using a sculpt node under my edit node ,still functioning and suit my needs . but it is so close to perfect.

and also, after change to sculpt mode of edit ,when right click to the viewprot ,it seems didn't pop up the right click menu for sculpt ,where people can choose moldes and stuff.

again,really good job on this 15th update .