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Tutorials on LIGHTNING ( Lightning like seen in flash )!!!!! Nov. 26, 2017, 1:59 a.m.

Alright I have been trying to recreate the lightning that you see in justice league's flash and it looks great…..
I watched many tutorials related to lightning in after effects….and I tried doing them they look awesome but the problem is in after effects i can make lightning but only for a still camera scene and not like you see in justice league…..it looks like the flash from CW…I also like that but it would be so awesome to learn and create those scenes in justice league in which the camera runs with flash.
I found some tutorials related to lightning on vimeo( below is the link )

lightnigtut [vimeo.com]

The tutorial was awesome and I learnt a lot. So it would be nice to share if you know something that can help in recreating that kind of lightning….any information realted to lightning would be appreciated.