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CPU Usage: Predominantl using efficiency cores for rendering Nov. 20, 2022, 12:27 a.m.

Hey hey,

So ran into this issue a couple of times on build 19.5.423. This time I actually have a hip file to go with it.

Reloading the scene and restarting the renderer seemed to fix this, so not sure how reproducible this is going to prove to be - I replicated it a couple of times, but also had it work fine off the bat, within 5 minutes of each other.

Houdini viewports are slow in any mode with wireframes Sept. 11, 2022, 1:43 a.m.

You might want to post this on the Apple Silicon forum.

Did a quick test on my M1 MBA (8GB with 7 core GPU). For me wireframe made no difference; was getting around 4fps. Given the power (or lack thereof) of the GPU this is kind of in the expected range to me. (Apple Silicon flavour of Houdini 19.5.369).

CPU Usage: Predominantl using efficiency cores for rendering July 24, 2022, 3:06 a.m.

Hi Julian, could you provide a scene file that reproduces the issue? I made a simple file with a rubber toy, a dome light, a camera, a Karma Render Settings node and a USD Render Rop. When clicking on Render to Disk or Render to MPlay buttons in the USD Render ROP I see full core utilization on an M1 Pro. I also checked to see if low power mode made any difference with the core utilization, however it still used all cores when it was enabled.

As always seems to be the way, I managed to reproduce this a couple of times yesterday on different occasions, however today it seems to be using all the cores.

The only things I could think of was was that perhaps the OS was trying to do something in background (a bit fuzzy on how it decides to split work), causing the render to go on the E cores or it was throttling. Tried running the render a couple of times in a row and still appears to be using all the cores.

Will keep an eye out for it but going to assume it was just some temporary glitch on MacOS' part.

At a quick glance, "The efficiency cores save power and free up performance cores to concentrate on the most demanding tasks." Perhaps change the power profile of your machine? It makes sense to use the power-saving cores first. Not all of the rendering process is multi-threaded. I see similar usage on my non-M1 system. Half the cores are saturated to near 100% while the others reveal some headroom, not under full load.

Still bit fuzzy on how macOS decides what work goes where - it seems to be mainly up the programme rather than the user? (Apple has a full page on it which I should probably take the time to read sometime). In this case low power mode was off and the laptop was plugged in (although I don't think that makes a difference for AS laptops).