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Mill Film Adelaide is recruiting March 25, 2019, 7:48 p.m.

We're looking for talented Houdini artists across the board, check out the job postings below :

Houdini Artist: http://smrtr.io/Xqrx [smrtr.io]

Character FX Artist: http://smrtr.io/Xq3x [smrtr.io]

FX TD: http://smrtr.io/L4H4 [smrtr.io]

Exciting times

If you're interested do apply through those links but feel free to message me individually, just don't reply to this thread as per the forum rules.


Animation workflow - discuss! June 22, 2017, 10:56 p.m.

Ok, now I'd love to know if other people are hitting some of these animation/rig performance issues. Some of these have been around for a while now in previous releases so I'd love to get other user's experience.

- viewport updates
very often what you see is not what you get with the viewport. Alembics suffer more from this but it's not just that format. Currently on Nvidia driver 375.66 on Ubuntu but I'm not sure we're seeing the benefit of that update just yet, anyone else seeing this?

- deleting keyframes and channel dependency updates
various bugs relating to deleting keyframes, using undo and so on. Ctrl Z has been deleting unrelated keyframes. Sometimes you can delete keyframes but the rig update in the viewport is incorrect. Anyone else experienced this? AGain it's rare but very annoying.

- freezing controllers - pose tool -channel references
This might be specifically linked to the pose tool in that it may not be traversing through the channel links cleanly and returning viewport handle interactivity. Often an animator will select a controller and drag it in the viewport and it will simply freeze. The user has to reselect it again to get it moving and then it's ok.

All of these issues are really hard to reproduce easily for bug reports so I'm quite curious to see if it's affecting other people on other platforms. We can build massively complex rigs really easily in Houdini but we need the animation experience to be flawless

Animation workflow - discuss! June 22, 2017, 8:51 a.m.

Ah the pose tool is fabulous, it just is a bit hidden at the moment, I'd love to see a shiny little icon for it next to the rotate button. It's great the way it makes a temporary IK handle for you in the viewport.

Anyone using the pose library? My only peeve there is that it needs to be able to apply partial poses, currently only works if the pose/clip has been saved with just a subset of channels selected. So if you have a walk clip but you just want to apply the leg animation, you have to apply the clip to a vanilla rig, just scope the channels you want and save a new clip. It should really be able to just write to the currently scoped channels in the destination rig. It's a pretty easy fix but would make a big difference, I can see that code getting hacked (with curses) in the near future!