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How to make Vellum behave like really light stiff material? June 18, 2021, 8:54 a.m.

solver 4 substeps, default 100 Const Iter...I'm not saying this is the result you want tho, just foolin' around.
Yeah this is not what I was after given then wobbly behavior but there's other materials it will be perfect for. Thanks

(while I'm at it, cannot stand people who are so preeeeeeeeeecious about uploading their files, my if we...the helpers are not good enough to look at their RnD files...pffft)
Unsure what led to this comment I've uploaded the file in the first post and mentioned the parameter changes that made the behavior happen for me. That said there's plenty of taking ideas out of the community and reintroducing them as part of a repo or a commercial tutorials without attribution. Plus there's more readers than helpers in any public setting.


How to make Vellum behave like really light stiff material? June 16, 2021, 9:03 a.m.

Hey probiner,

good point, I would like to know that, too!


Substeps: 9
Constraint Iterations: 3333
Velocity Damping: 0.5

This made it happen for me, but would be nice to know if there's a better way to sort this on the constrain side of things more because tunig global solver settings to achieve a specific material/behavior profile on an item will probably fall short when you have multiple items of different material/behavior profiles going into the solver.


How to make Vellum behave like really light stiff material? June 15, 2021, 2:55 p.m.

I've been challenged a couple of times to get Vellum to behave that is:
- stiff
- light/thin
- which pre-bent shape should not be immediately lost but still interacts on collisions.

Like a gift wrap ribon or paper.

I keep upping the constrains stiffness (and iterations in the solver), lowering the mass on a low-res mesh and still not behaving as such a lot of the times.
Only if I mess with Gravity I get something that resembles the behavior in slomo. But my mass is already at 1e-14.

Damping is also a conundrum. I would like this sort of material to not be very jiggly at all but come to a rest very fast. But if I up the damp in the stiffness it gets more stretchy and deforming that if I keep it very low (but then it keeps shaking). My goal would be to have a material that is interacted with and quickly loses the forces applied on it.

Scene attached when I'm trying to have a paper strip not to be have like cloth.
Thanks for any pointers.