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Python: Arrays supported? Feb. 18, 2019, 1:11 p.m.

Sample scene file?
If you want to collect an array appended from all points, do that in vex into an detail attribute and gather it with the function you mentioned to me.

Change a curve intrinsic uv or basis in VEX? Feb. 18, 2019, 8:43 a.m.

I'm dealing with curve sampling these days to define sections of a curve and how it deforms geometry. While I'm able to work around setting up some individual functionalities with Resample, uvsample() and binary search to manipulate point positions or uvs attributes that support them; when assembling multiple functionalities it becomes hard to account for each one's constraints or requisites.

Fixed uniform distribution between bezier CPs.

Geometry sliding over a CP but constrained to another one.

Different CP types, like Max: Bezier, Smooth and Corner.

So right now, the resource I'm missing to deal with such assembly is the ability to set the intrinsic uv that is gathered by xyzdist(), in VEX. Such is not possible, if I'm seeing correctly that those prim intrinsics are not editable:

I can use indeed the Basis SOP to read the current basis and then edit what I want. I guess I could even pass a detail attribute to this field with a string generated in VEX… But not the most procedural way and doesn't allow specification per primitive.

Another resource I'm missing is to get a points' uv intrinsic on a prim. The default answer seems to be to use xyzdist() or uvsample() (which wraps xyzdist if I understand correctly), but to avoid it I for now, use a UV Texture SOP set to Average Spline, and that seems to return the point's prim intrinsic uv.

Anyone else been through these? I'm pushing the most I can but facing some hurdles. RFE time?


Python: Arrays supported? Feb. 7, 2019, 3:41 a.m.

Thanks, that works!

When I was roaming hou.Geometry() [] I did a page search for “array” and nothing of the sort was picked up, so thought the other one was the way to go.