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Simulate a cruise moving on the ocean March 9, 2018, 7:18 p.m.

The velocity is found on the Trail SOP when building the ship as a collider. You can add a Trail SOP and compute the point velocities. But I don't think that is the issue.

Scale? Is your ship in Metres? Average cruise ship is approx. 200M long and 28M wide with a draft of around 6.8M. The draft looks good on your ship wrt the fluid surface.

I would set this up using the Guided Ocean Layer shelf tool to create a transient flip container that follows the ship. It's the selection prompt asking you to select the object to follow as you work through the Guided Ocean Layer tool in the viewport.

Now I wonder if the initial push of water is just that. You take a boat that is instantaneously moving at a given velocity and then you push it through a static fluid, you may just get that initial wave pushing forward. I wonder what it looks like if you run the simulation up with the boat going through the flip fluid and then get to your point at say frame 100 and then start from there. But in my example below I didn't have that issue…

I attached a hastily created scene file with a very poorly modeled cruise ship hull and used the Guided Ocean Layer shelf tool to set up the tank around the ship. But made sure it was to scale in Metres.

I then adjusted the tank using padding around the tank centre inside the object that supplies the fluid container in to DOPs. I added notes and text to guide you to the correct part of the network. I added a switch to switch between two containers: a test container around the bow of the ship and a full container around the entire ship.

Hope this helps you out.
Hi Jeff, thanks for the file you provide. I have looked into it. I had a similar setup before using Guided Ocean Layer tool but without big waves like the setting you have. Based on my reference, waves should be relatively small to cruise.(300M long in this case) But the result was that particles been pushed out so much without maintaining “V” shape. Here is the video using that method:

After that, I decided to try using Ocean Flat Tank tool. According to HOUDINI 16 OCEAN TOOLS MASTERCLASS by John Lynch, it might be more suitable in this case because the waves are relatively weak to huge object. The third option may be custom velocity field according to my research. What do you think of all these three methods? I'm really confused right now…

Simulate a cruise moving on the ocean March 9, 2018, 3:26 p.m.

Can't really remember where the settings is but you want to reduce the velocity from the ship collision.

I tried that already. It ended up giving me splash that doesn't look very interesting.
I guess I might have to use some custom forces instead of relying on collision object…

Simulate a cruise moving on the ocean March 8, 2018, 6:19 p.m.

Hi everyone, I'm trying to simulate a cruise moving across the ocean.
I did few tests but haven't get the result I'm looking for. I need some help and advice from the community.

Here are two of tests I did:
FLIP tank size:130*15*140
Particle Sep: 0.15
Grid Scale: 2
The first with Reseeding On, the second one with reseeding off.

Not sure which part went wrong in my settings.
Both videos have FLIP particles pushed out so much and unable to maintain the shape it should be.
Here is the image similar to what I'm looking for. I also attached the hip file.