This video goes over some of the workflow updates for Crowds in Houdini 15.5. We begin by baking out 2 animation clips with the Mocap Biped 3 character, populating the scene with crowds, using Paint Density to control our agent placement, projecting those agents to walk on a globe by turning on Enable Terrain Project with Up Attribute, and setting the Adjust Up Vector option to Set to Terrain Normal.



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  • reiniermartin 3 years, 9 months ago  | 

    Hi there! I'm a new Houdini user. I have just purchased an Indie license after trying the Apprentice version. I am pretty new to 3D and this is the first tool I am using.
    Now I am following different tutorials and I'm excited to get started making my own stuff with Houdini. I have Houdini 16.0 running on my MacBook.

    I'm struggling with this tutorial, maybe I am missing a step in my process (I actually thought it was due to the free license version). When I follow the steps in this tutorial I can't see my geometry in the Scene View after the "Bake Agent" event. I have no problem creating and seeing the Mocap Biped, but once I triggered the "Bake Agent" the object is gone. I can only see when I change the display geometry options to either Hidden Line Invisible or Hidden Line Ghost, but I can only see the lines, not the whole geometry. When I run the scene I do see these lines animate, but I just can't see the . (Also I see a small grey lock icon at the Mocap Biped node, not sure if this is normal, because I don't)

    Am I doing something wrong, am I missing some kind of step? Please let me know. Thank you!

  • r.locke 3 years, 8 months ago  | 

    This is very useful but this tutotiral is FAR too fast and im im struggling to follow along with the many snappy decisions and clicks, im trying to pause, rewatch, click, and its a nightmare, can you you please slow down some more in future and explain your actions more - nothing extended, just more space to allow people following you.

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