Part 2 goes over shading, lighting, rendering and compositing. I'll be using Redshift, but if you are more familiar with another renderer, you can apply the same principles and techniques therein. Else, you could download the free version of Redshift and follow along with me. The same with the comping - I use Fusion, but you could also do this in your application of choice. If you have missed Part 1, which covers all the prep work of storyboarding this ad spot, creating and animating all the various FX elements of this chocolate bar, you can access that here. And if you are looking for the entire project download, and want to grab it, link is below. 

EP08: Savory Shading

With all of our shots built, let’s start adding some shaders. You’ll need to have a basic understanding of ACES, which you can learn more about, in my video here. We will create base lighting and base materials for one of the shots, which we will then copy and reuse for the other shots, so we don't have to start from scratch each time. But because each shot is a bit different, we will tune those base things per shot. There's going to be problems to fix along the way, and I will go over them as we render each scene. 

EP09: Delicious Shading

Now let’s shade our carbs.. euhh.. caramel!
We will bring a few things over -- just copy our cookie and caramel, lights, render settings from the previous shot's *.hip file and paste them into our SHOT20. Then we make the tweaks to work for this particular shot.

EP10: Crispy Shading

Cookies need love too! Pretty much we will do the same thing for each of the shots -- grabbing previously made materials and pasting them into the current shot. We also fix some issues that reveal themselves at render time, like the cookiebar fracture, correcting displacement noise on cookie bits and such.

EP11: Crunchy Shading

If you have a peanut allergy, tread carefully. Recycling the peanuts material from SHOT30 into SHOT40. We will also fix the chocolate cause at render time, I wasn't digging the look so we'll just change it cause we can! It's 3D, baby! We can do what we want : )

EP12: 0% Shading

It’s the final countdown, tududududuuuu. Let’s shade our full bar! We are in SHOT50. Going to grab our peanuts material from SHOT40, chocolate, cookie and caramel from SHOT30. Render ROPs also get the point. But beats redoing stuff every time! 

EP13: Comp me 

Final step.. compositing! We’ll only cover the compositing of one of the shots, I’ll leave the rest up to you as they’re all fairly similar. After this chapter, we will have finally went through all the steps to create an awesome commercial. Woohoo! I hope you learned a lot.

All your bars are belong to us.



FX artist/CG generalist based in The Netherlands.Apart from doing a lot of advertising work I love to do personal work to try to really push my skills.Started using Houdini in december 2015 and never looked back :)

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