Houdini Main Changelogs

Houdini 16.5.644
  • Fixed placed Houdini Assets not functioning after being rebuilt.
  • Fixed World Outliner only creating a single mesh when fed actors
containing InstancedStaticMesh components. An input mesh is now created for each instance in the ISM.
  • Landscape inputs can now import data from LandscapeStreamingProxies.
  • Fixed various issues with Asset Inputs, it is now possible to daisy
chain them, and the connected actors should cook/update properly.
Fri. November 2, 2018
Houdini 16.5.634 * Landscape input now creates unlocked heightfield nodes. * When exporting only selected landscape components, a Heightfield node is now created for each component. * When saving/opening the Houdini scene for debugging, heightfields nodes aren't disconnected anymore. * When creating landscapes from multiple heightfields, each mask/layer is now converted using the global min/max for that mask/layer. Tue. October 23, 2018
Houdini 16.5.629 Fixed mobility of the Houdini Asset Actor being forced to movable when an HDA was using both HF/Landscape and curves. If an HDA generates Landscape, it's mobility is now always forced to static. Fri. October 19, 2018
Houdini 16.5.627 Fixed world outliner inputs not updating properly when a selected blueprint was modified. Tue. October 16, 2018
Houdini 16.5.615 Added support of Unreal 4.20.3 Thu. October 4, 2018
Houdini 16.5.599 File parameters now uses their "Browse Mode" to decide if pushing the browse button will create a File Save / File Open dialog. A "File Open" dialog will be created if browse mode is set to "Read only". This fixes issues when trying to open write-protected files. Tue. September 18, 2018
Houdini 16.5.585 Added support of Unreal 4.20.2. Tue. September 4, 2018
Houdini 16.5.573 Fixed a bug preventing the use of negative scale values with unreal_instances. Thu. August 23, 2018
Houdini 16.5.553 Added support of Unreal 4.20.1. Fri. August 3, 2018
Houdini 16.5.542 Fixed position offset when converting a landscape to heightfield caused by incorrect bounds calculated on the landscape. The issue was caused when instanced meshes (ie grass) on the landscape actors were placed on the borders of the terrain. Mon. July 23, 2018
Houdini 16.5.530 Added support for creating landscape holes when importing Heightfields: If the Heightfield has a "visibility" mask, the converted landscape layer will be used as the landscape visibility layer. Wed. July 11, 2018
Houdini 16.5.510 Fixed crashes / UI bugs when using details panels other than the first one. Thu. June 21, 2018
Houdini 16.5.481 Added the option to set how Houdini tools should react to selection (only World selection, only Content Browser selection or both) Fixed Houdini Tools not updating landscape inputs properly. Tue. May 22, 2018
Houdini 16.5.477 Mesh sockets can now be created with the following Detail Attributes: mesh_socketX_pos, mesh_socketX_rot, mesh_socketX_scale, mesh_socketX_name, mesh_socketX_actor and mesh_socketX_tag (X being the O based index of the socket) This allows for better sockets support with Packed Primitives than when using point groups. Socket Tags are now imported/exported by the plugin. Default group prefix for socket is now "mesh_socket" (but the old "socket" prefix is still supported) Fri. May 18, 2018
Houdini 16.5.476 Fixed some issues with Ramp parameters UI. Fixed a crash when changing the current level with Ramp parameter UI still opened in the Details Panel. Fixed possible crashes with Instances. Thu. May 17, 2018
Houdini 16.5.475 Custom Houdini Tools can now be added easily by drag and dropping Houdini Assets on the Houdini Engine "Shelf" in the placement modes. Custom tools can be edited / deleted easily directly from the Houdini Engine Shelf. Houdini Tools are now properly updated after editing them in the project settings. Added additional context menu actions for Houdini Asset Actors in the world outliner. When generating meshes with LODs, the plug-in will first look for the lod_screensize detail attribute before looking for lodX_screensize attributes. Wed. May 16, 2018
Houdini 16.5.470 Mesh sockets can now be imported in Houdini via Geometry and World inputs. Added an "Export Sockets" checkbox to Geometry and World inputs controlling whether or not sockets should be sent to Houdini. The LOD screensize uproperty is now imported in Houdini as attribute on Geometry and World inputs if the Static Mesh doesn't use the AutoComputeLODScreensize option. Fri. May 11, 2018
Houdini 16.5.466 Updated the UProperty attribute system for improved compatibility. UProperties nested in some subclass should now be modified properly. Fixed position offset when exporting only selected components of a landscape input as heightfields. Fixed incorrect assets bounds calculated with Houdini assets using a curve inputs. Mon. May 7, 2018
Houdini 16.5.463 It is now possible to restart the current session by using the "Houdini.RestartSession" console command. Fri. May 4, 2018
Houdini 16.5.462 In process sessions aren't supported anymore by the plug-in as they cause crashes when loading it with UE4.19. Fixed out of process sessions not being closed properly. Fixed UI flickering when editing Color Ramp parameters. Thu. May 3, 2018
Houdini 16.5.460 HoudiniAssetComponent now have a SceneProxy that will allow placement of object "on them" when drag and dropping assets in the editor. It is now possible to ignore the automatic Y/Z swapping for Vector3/Float3 parameters by adding the hengine_noswap tag to a parameter. Tue. May 1, 2018
Houdini 16.5.459 Fixed applying HDA to the current selection not working properly with object path parameter inputs, or with assets that successfully cook without inputs. Mon. April 30, 2018
Houdini 16.5.432 Fixed instanced actor rotation and scale lost when baking to actors. Tue. April 3, 2018
Houdini 16.5.425 Added the ability to override the bake folder per asset by using the "unreal_bake_folder" detail attribute. Tue. March 27, 2018
Houdini 16.5.413 Added support for Unreal 4.19. Thu. March 15, 2018
Houdini 16.5.411 By default, the Linux version of the plug-in will use an out of process session. This fixes library conflicts introduced in Unreal 4.17, and fixes errors when loading the plug-in on Linux. Tue. March 13, 2018
Houdini 16.5.404 Fixed point instancers being ignored when mixed with heightfields. Tue. March 6, 2018
Houdini 16.5.394 Fixed Landscape/Heightfield position offsets bugs:
  • the Z position of landscapes created from heightfields would sometimes be incorrect when using the full resolution for the Z axis.
  • heightfields created from landscapes had an invalid X/Z position in Houdini if the source landscapes were not at the origin.
Thu. February 22, 2018
Houdini 16.5.393 Fixed bug causing sockets to sometimes be duplicated upon recook. Wed. February 21, 2018
Houdini 16.5.392 Group information are now available on Packed primitives. Instanced packed primitives will now generate Hierarchical Instanced Static Meshes if the packed primitive has LOD groups. Collisions groups are now handled properly by packed primitives. Fixed crash due to invalid LOD groups. Better support of ComponentTags via generic attributes (unreal_uproperty_ComponentTags). Tue. February 20, 2018
Houdini 16.5.378
  • Fixed bug sometimes causing incorrect materials applied on LOD level meshes.
  • Added support for LOD specific attributes.
Tue. February 6, 2018
Houdini 16.5.377
  • Fixed bug making sockets created by a part that does not generate meshes being ignored/not attached to anything.
  • Fixed potential crash caused by invalid geometry in collision/lod groups.
  • Fixed unnecessary "Failed to Create Instance Input" error message.
Mon. February 5, 2018
Houdini 16.5.374
  • Added support for LODs in Geometry/World Inputs: LOD groups will be created in Houdini if the input mesh has more than one LOD.
  • Added an "Export all LODs" checkbox to Geo/World inputs that enables/disables LOD export on the input meshes to Houdini.
Fri. February 2, 2018
Houdini 16.5.372
  • Added support for LOD groups:
Its now possible for the plug-in to generate Static Meshes with LODs. For this, each LOD must be in a group starting with "lod" (lod0, lod1 etc.)
  • Fixed bug with mesh sockets sometimes being ignored.
  • Fixed bug causing incorrect Tangents when converting to Unreal's coordinate system.
  • Fixed bug where the details panel indicated complex colliders for mesh with simple colliders.
  • The Details Panel will now indicate the number and type of colliders,
the number of LODs and sockets for the generated Static Meshes.
Wed. January 31, 2018
Houdini 16.5.370 Added support for Hierarchical Instanced Static Mesh Components when overriding instance inputs. If the mesh used to override an instanced input has LODs, then an HISMC will be created instead of a ISMC. Mon. January 29, 2018
Houdini 16.5.366 Fixed unneeded invalid id error spamming caused by merging geometry that had a material assigned to it with geometry without a material. Thu. January 25, 2018
Houdini 16.5.364 Fixed bug with material created from principled shader not having their blend_mode automatically set to BLEND_Translucent when their diffuse texture had an alpha channel. Materials created with a diffuse texture containing alpha values other than one will now always be set to Transparent. Added support of the opacity and opacity texture parameters of the principled shader. Tue. January 23, 2018
Houdini 16.5.363 Added default body instance settings (collision profile) to project settings and component Mon. January 22, 2018
Houdini 16.5.358 Added custom console commands and keyboard shortcuts:
  • Houdini.Open (Ctrl + Alt + O): Opens the internal scene in Houdini.
  • Houdini.Save : Save the internal scene to a .hip file.
  • Houdini.Clean : Cleans the Houdini Engine temp folder.
  • Houdini.Pause (Ctrl + Alt + P) : Pause asset cooking.
  • Houdini.Bake (Ctrl + Alt + B) : Bake and Replace current selection.
  • Houdini.BakeAll : Bake and Replace all Houdini Asset Actor in the level.
  • Houdini.Cook (Ctrl + Alt + C) : Recooks the current selection.
  • Houdini.CookAll : Recooks all Houdini Asset Actors in the level.
  • Houdini.Rebuild (Ctrl + Alt + R) : Rebuilds the current selection.
  • Houdini.RebuildAll : Rebuilds all Houdini Asset Actors in the level.

Added a PauseCookingOnStart runtime settings for choosing the default value for "Pause Asset cooking".

Fixed CleanUpTempFolder not always deleting unused/unreferenced files.

Wed. January 17, 2018
Houdini 16.5.356 Added a "Pause Houdini Engine Cooking" File menu entry. This allows to pause all cooking action when using the editor, while still sending Parameters and Inputs changes to houdini. Mon. January 15, 2018
Houdini 16.5.350 Added support for a per-mesh-component color to be specified for use with split mode of mesh instancing via new unreal_instance_color prim attribute. Tue. January 9, 2018
Houdini 16.5.345 Better support of multiple material slots for the material_instance attributes system. Thu. January 4, 2018
Houdini 16.5.344
  • Fixed a possible crash when baking to actor a mesh with an invisible
  • Fixed a bug causing missing simple collision geometry.
  • Fixed a possible crash happening when mesh sockets attributes were not
properly sized.
Wed. January 3, 2018
Houdini 16.5.322 Added support for splitting instanced geometry into separate mesh components via the unreal_split_instances attribute. See documentation for details. Tue. December 12, 2017
Houdini 16.5.275 Added support of Unreal 4.18. Thu. October 26, 2017
Houdini 16.5.265 Fixed position offset when inputting a Heightfield not positionned at the origin. Fixed landscape input reference broken when the generated landscape was recooked. Mon. October 16, 2017
Houdini 16.5.218 It is now possible to define a parameter's tooltip via the parameter's help value:
  • If the parameter's help is not empty, it will be used as a tooltip.
  • If not, the tooltip will be "ParameterLabel (ParameterName)"
Wed. August 30, 2017
Houdini 16.5.206 Added Support of Unreal 4.17 Fri. August 18, 2017
Houdini 16.5.186
  • Added the option to create non-weight blended landscape layers by adding
a primitive string attribute named "unreal_landscape_layer_nonweightblended". This attribute should contain the name of the layers that should not be weight-blended (separated by spaces).
  • Fixed an issue making Heightfields created by a Landscape input behaving
differently than "regular" heightfields with certain heightfield nodes. For example, point scattered on a heightfield created by a landscape input were missing normals.
Fri. July 28, 2017
Houdini 16.5.186
  • Added check for component tag HoudiniNoUpload to allow outliner- input mesh components to not be uploaded.
  • Build fixes for Nintendo Switch platform
  • Fixed an issue with the Keep World Transform Checkbox on Geometry inputs: transform offset is now handled properly and checkbox is disabled
Fri. July 28, 2017
Houdini 16.5.183 Fixed rebuilding the asset not triggering a material/texture update. Tue. July 25, 2017
Houdini 16.5.179 Properties changed on the Houdini Asset Component in the rendering, physics, collision, LOD categories are now spread to the asset child mesh components. Thu. July 20, 2017
Houdini 16.5.172
  • Added the option to Pack the Geometry Before Merging on Geometry and
World outliner inputs.
  • Fixed a bug with the Keep World Transform checkbox not updating all the
object merges when multiple assets where plugged in a geometry input.
  • Enabled the Keep World Transform checkbox for object path inputs.
Thu. July 13, 2017
Houdini 16.5.171 Added Transform offsets (translation, rotation and scale) for each asset plugged in a geometry input. Wed. July 12, 2017
Houdini 16.5.169 Fixed Actors pre-assigned to sockets not being detected properly when their Actor Label was different to their Actor Name. Mon. July 10, 2017
Houdini 16.5.163 Fixed baked landscape layer disappearing after the Houdini asset who created them was destroyed. Tue. July 4, 2017
Houdini 16.5.134 Fixed world outliner inputs serialization bug and other issues when using ActorBlueprints as inputs. Mon. June 5, 2017
Houdini 16.5.127 Added support of Unreal 4.16 on Mac. Mon. May 29, 2017
Houdini 16.5.123 Added support of Unreal 4.16. Thu. May 25, 2017
Houdini 16.5.116 Fixed extra vertices on collider meshes after a split occured. This caused the generation of incorrect simple colliders (box, capsule etc..) Thu. May 18, 2017
Houdini 16.5.115 Materials and textures are now properly baked to the bake folder instead of the temp folder. Wed. May 17, 2017
Houdini 16.5.114
  • Landscape inputs can now export selected landscape components to heightfields.
  • Fixed landscape inputs resetting after loading the level.
  • Fixed landscape transform issue.
  • Fixed object path inputs needing to be reassigned after loading the level.
Tue. May 16, 2017
Houdini 16.5.109 Added the option to set a default input type when first instantiating an HDA. This is done through the use of keywords in the input name / object path parameter label:
  • "curve" for curve inputs.
  • "landscape" "terrain" or "heightfield" for landscape inputs.
  • "world" or "outliner" for world outliner inputs.
  • "asset" or "hda" for asset inputs.
  • geometry is the default input type.
Thu. May 11, 2017
Houdini 16.5.93 Landscapes input can now export landsscape to Houdini as Heightfields. Updated the automatic selection of landscape components within the asset's bounds. Landscape input are not showing their own asset's generated landscape anymore. Tue. April 25, 2017
Houdini 16.5.80 Fixed crash when saving/loading/transacting parameters. Wed. April 12, 2017
Houdini 16.5.31 Added support of Unreal 4.15 Wed. February 22, 2017
Houdini 16.0.464 Generated mesh sockets can now have pre-assigned Actors (via the "unreal_mesh_socket_actor" string attribute) Actors can now also be assigned to an asset's sockets by drag and dropping the actor on the asset in the world outliner panel or by usibg "Attach To" in the context menu. Added an "Open in Houdini" option when right-clicking on an asset in the content browser. Tue. December 20, 2016
Houdini 16.0.459 Added the option to "Rebuild All Instances" of an asset in the content browser context menu. This will reimport and rebuild all the instances in the scene of the selected assets. Thu. December 15, 2016
Houdini 16.0.459 Parameters now display their units if it's available (via the units Tag). This is just on display, to avoid confusion as Unreal mainly uses cm. The parameters values themselves are not converted to avoid differences between UE and Houdini. Thu. December 15, 2016
Houdini 16.0.458 Added support for mesh sockets.

These can be created by adding points to a group starting with the "socket" prefix.

The sockets rotation and scale can then be defined using "rot" and "scale" attributes. The rotation can also be deduced from the normal ("N") attribute if the socket points do not have rotations attributes.

The socket name can be defined using the "unreal_mesh_socket_name" attribute.

Wed. December 14, 2016
Houdini 16.0.456 Added support for UE's "Simplified" collisions: In the same way that the UCX colliders are handled, simplified collision meshes can now be baked in a static mesh's body setup instead of using a separate mesh component.

This can be achieved by using the rendered_collision_geo_simple and collision_geo_simple groups.

The type of the desired collider can then be appended to the group name to specify its type: box, capsule, sphere, kdop10X, kdop10Y, kdop10Z, kdop18 or kdop26

Mon. December 12, 2016
Houdini 16.0.453 Added support for UCX collisions in the Unreal plug-in.

Collision meshes can now be cooked in a static mesh's BodySetup as convex hulls instead of requiring a separate mesh component. This is the recommended workflow and is used by the FBX importer as UCX/UBX.

This can be achieved by using the rendered_collision_geo_ucx or collision_geo_ucx groups.

Boxes and spheres primitives are also treated as ConvexElements as this the recommended behavior by UE.

Fri. December 9, 2016
Houdini 16.0.452
  • Added a menu option to "Open Scene in Houdini" that saves the current scene as a .hip file in the temp directory and opens it in Houdini.
  • The asset's details panel now displays generated landscapes.

  • Added the option to "bake" the landscape, separating it landscape from its asset. This allows the asset to be destroyed without also destroying the generated landscapes.
  • Added a runtime setting to choose if landscape generation should use full precision for the height values conversion from Houdini's heightfield to Unreal's Landscape.
Thu. December 8, 2016
Houdini 16.0.437 Switched Unreal plugin to version 4.14. Wed. November 23, 2016
Houdini 16.0.421 Unreal: The Navigation system was using cached geometry from the static mesh to handle collision for the NavMesh. Because of this, the NavMesh was always using the first geometry created by an asset for the Navigation System collisions. The navigation collisions are now rebuilt after modifying the asset, and the NavMesh updated properly so that it uses the proper collisions. Mon. November 7, 2016
Houdini 16.0.415 unreal: fixed a bug preventing assets from being copied/duplicated, loosing selection instead. Tue. November 1, 2016
Houdini 16.0.410 Unreal: Added support for instancing of arbitrary game assets via point and detail attributes, as well as via instance overrides. Thu. October 27, 2016
Houdini 16.0.384
  • Added rotation and scale attributes to curve inputs.
  • fixed a bug when selecting multiple curve points at the same time.
  • fixed asset with world inputs being instantiated twice if modified after load.
  • fixed world inputs being disconnected after load because of their AssetId being valid.
Fri. September 30, 2016
Houdini 16.0.375 Fixed switching input types is broken when cooking on parameter change option is disabled in details panel. Mon. September 19, 2016
Houdini 16.0.372
  • Unreal: Added support for the Unreal Spline Component as a world outliner input.
  • Unreal: Added a checkbox to "Keep world Transform" for all inputs.
  • Unreal: Fixed transform issues for world outliner inputs
Fri. September 16, 2016
Houdini 16.0.369 Unreal: Added support for the Unreal Spline Component as a world outliner input. Unreal: Added a checkbox for input transform type (None / Into this object). Unreal: Added a refresh button for the world inputs. Unreal: fixed transform issues with world inputs with actor having multiple components. Tue. September 13, 2016
Houdini 16.0.368
  • Unreal: fixed a crash when the version of houdini engine mismatches.
  • Unreal: fixed version mismatch error message being displayed instead of HAPI not found
  • Unreal: plugin cant find HAPI on MAC
  • Unreal: Curves input now work properly
  • Unreal: Added Type, Method and IsClosed to curve inputs
  • Unreal: fixed a crash when clearing Asset inputs
  • Unreal: fixed Transform issues when instancing geometry with curves.
  • Unreal: fixed UE4 crash: Assets with scale of 0.
  • Unreal: fixed curve input parameters lost after changing input type
  • Unreal: fixed curve inputs having an offset after switching back from a world outliner input
  • Unreal: added multi-selection to curve edition
  • Unreal: added a Duplicate Point option to the drop down menu
  • Unreal: adding a new point to a curve adds the point after, like in UE4
  • Unreal: pressing delete now deletes the selected curve points
Mon. September 12, 2016
Houdini 16.0.308 Unreal: Added new World Outliner input type where multiple Actors from the World Outliner can be selected at the same time to be marshaled into a single Asset geometry input. Thu. July 14, 2016
Houdini 16.0.293 Unreal: Fixed potential crash in Materials code. Wed. June 29, 2016
Houdini 16.0.287
  • Fixed crash when undoing an Actor delete with the Curve Input selected.
  • Added undo support for Curve Input type selection and Actor deletion, at least for most use cases.
  • Fixed infinite cooks when using Cook on Asset Transform.
Thu. June 23, 2016
Houdini 16.0.279 Unreal: Added support for Alt-Dragging to duplicate Spline control points. Wed. June 15, 2016
Houdini 16.0.278 Unreal: Switching away from the curve input type to another type and back to curve input will no longer reset the curves points. Tue. June 14, 2016
Houdini 16.0.270 Unreal: Added support for 4.12. Dropped support for 4.10. Mon. June 6, 2016
Houdini 16.0.224 Unreal: Added support for 4.11 on Windows. Thu. April 21, 2016
Houdini 16.0.200 Unreal: Fixed plugin not installing if Epic Launcher was not installed in the default folder or was installed in the x86 Program Files. Mon. March 28, 2016
Houdini 16.0.196 Unreal: Removed support and installer for Unreal 4.9. Thu. March 24, 2016
Houdini 16.0.99 Adding replacement of Houdini actors with instantiated Blueprints. Fri. December 18, 2015
Houdini 16.0.90 Added support for unreal_generated_mesh_name detail attribute which allows asset creator to specify names for Unreal generated static meshes.

RFE 72513

Wed. December 9, 2015
Houdini 16.0.70 Unreal: Added 4.10 support. Removed 4.8 support. Thu. November 19, 2015