Houdini Main Changelogs


Fix default argument bug with hou.Geometry.execute() where calling it without the `inputs` argument would keep adding the geometry to a global instance default list argument causing two problems: a) The geometry itself would never be freed since the default argument is global, and b) the list of used inputs for executing the verb would keep a growing, across ALL calls to the function.

This code path happened to be called continuously in the Rig Pose state while a handle was visible when tumbling. So over time, the global default argument would keep growing leading to noticeably slower FPS viewport rates.

Sat. August 6, 2022

Fixed an issue with the work item MMB menu hanging until the work item finishes cook, in cases where the work item runs a blocking, in-process Python task.

Fri. August 5, 2022

Fixed a bug in the Lookup CHOP's "All Lookup Table Channels" mode where it produced slightly different results from the "One Lookup Table Channel" mode, due to an off by one error when mapping the index range to the lookup range.

Tue. August 2, 2022

The Enable Solver DOP can now test the object fields for constant values.

Fri. July 22, 2022

Fixed an issue that caused terrain input layer data to be incorrectly set in Houdini due to sizing inconsistencies.

Wed. July 20, 2022

Fix cases where failed loading of RedShift plugins would crash Houdini.

Wed. July 20, 2022

Fixed an issue that could potentially cause slow UI performance (e.g. rendering the TAB menu) when drawing many icons that were not all in the same color space.

Mon. July 18, 2022

Fixed a bug that would cause a multiparm's HAPI_ParmInfo::instanceCount to be incorrect after the multiparm count is modified outside of HAPI (such as by another parameter's callback script).

Tue. July 12, 2022

The Local Scheduler TOP's "Maximum Runtime" parameter can now be used in conjunction with the Retries parameter. Tasks that fail because they exceeded the maximum runtime will now be retried automatically, if retries have also been enabled on the scheduler node.

Thu. July 7, 2022

(UE5) Fixed a regression that caused cooked/temporary data to become invisible when in game/PIE mode.

Thu. July 7, 2022

The LOP Import SOP now supports primitive patterns that use selection rules from the referenced LOP.

Wed. June 22, 2022

The ROP Fetch TOP now unlocks the parent asset that contains the target ROP node, if the node is contained inside of a locked asset. This ensures that various parameters can be set, such as progress/logging controls and distributed sim connection details.

Wed. June 22, 2022

Flame field creation is now optional on the sparse smoke object and the pyro solver SOP. This allows for a very minor optimization for simulations that do not require this field.

Tue. June 21, 2022

Support for Maya 2023 has been added.

Tue. June 21, 2022

Fix missing name dependencies when adding new instances to ramp and multi-parms. This resulted in missing cases where ramp callbacks would be missed until the hip file was saved and reloaded.

Mon. June 20, 2022

All out of process work items will now consistently print their PID, and information about the Houdini installation they're using if the work item runs using hython.

Wed. June 15, 2022
  • Fixed how the plugin identifies temporary objects when baking.This will now prevent unnecessary duplication of meshes, materials, etc.. when baking.
  • Fixed baking instancers creating extra duplicates of their instanced meshes.
Wed. June 1, 2022
  • Fixed materials assigned to a landscape being duplicated when baking.
Mon. May 30, 2022
  • Fixed bug that caused World Inputs to sometimes not detect that their input object/actorshad changed, preventing the HDA from automatically updating.
  • Improved how world inputs track/detect spline components modifications.
Wed. May 4, 2022

Fixed bugs where the PolyExtrude handle would snap back to its original rotation after the user stopped rotating it.

Tue. May 3, 2022

Tractor scheduler reuse submitted jobs to retry tractor tasks to fix a duplicated task bug.

Mon. May 2, 2022
  • Fixed mesh input objects never cleaning up their materials array,slowly bloating up the size of the Houdini Asset Component.This should reduce the memory usage of the plugin when using any HDAthat has input meshes.
  • Fixed crash when outputting a mesh that used the "unreal_uproperty_collisionprofilename" attribute.
Fri. April 29, 2022
  • Fixed manually entered transform still being pushed to Houdini evenwhen "Push Transform to Houdini" is disabled.
Wed. April 27, 2022

Fixed bugs where the Edit and UVEdit states could set pivot parameters while there was a live transform, thereby unintentionally changing it.

Wed. April 27, 2022
  • Fixed a bug that caused UploadTransformToHoudini to only work when

CookOnTransformChange was enabled.

  • Houdini Proxy Meshes are now enabled by default.
Tue. April 19, 2022