Houdini Main Changelogs

Houdini 18.0.531 Unity plugin: Added support for loading instance source geometry from Resources/ path which is faster than using Assets/ path. So when specifying the prefab path with "unity_instance" attribute, the plugin will now load prefabs under Resources, by specifying its Resources/ path, or simply its file name without extension. Tue. July 21, 2020
Houdini 18.0.524 Unity plugin: Added new Load HDA From Memory menu function so that HDAs can be loaded when using a remote HARS server. Fixed log text in light theme for SessionSync panel. Tue. July 14, 2020
Houdini 18.0.523 Unity plugin: Fixed another error when build target platform differs from editor platform. Thu. July 9, 2020
Houdini 18.0.522 Unity plugin: Fixed errors when build target platform differs from editor platform. Wed. July 8, 2020
Houdini 18.0.516 Unity plugin: Fixed editable mesh not being readable, and errors spewed from trying to acquire attributes from non-readable meshes. Thu. July 2, 2020
Houdini 18.0.496 Unity plugin: Fixed terrain generation where there was an overlap due to using corner sampling, and scattered points were offset. Fri. June 12, 2020
Houdini 18.0.494 Unity plugin: Fixed bug with input nodes multiparm field when Cook Triggers when parameter change option is disabled. Fixed bug with attempting to stop previous session's process when creating new session or closing a session. Wed. June 10, 2020
Houdini 18.0.487 Unity plugin: Improved the state synchronization for SessionSync using the new HAPI_SessionSyncInfo. Improved HEU_SessionSyncWindow and commentted the code for external user reference. Wed. June 3, 2020
Houdini 18.0.486 Unity plugin: Added support for SessionSync viewport synchronization. Fixed some issues with session creation and reconnection after code domain reload or play mode transition. Tue. June 2, 2020
Houdini 18.0.480 Unity plugin: Enabled new SessionSync which is accessible via HoudiniEngine menu in Unity. Improved the session management through SessionSync panel. Removed the Connect to Debugger menu options. Updated online documentation with SessionSync section. Wed. May 27, 2020
Houdini 18.0.472 Unity plugin: Fix for HEU_OutputAttributeStore so that it wouldn't clear on code domain reload. Tue. May 19, 2020
Houdini 18.0.468 Unity plugin: Fixed light mode UI for curve editor help text. Fri. May 15, 2020
Houdini 18.0.467 Unity plugin: Added new "Connect to" session menu functionality which allows to connect to already running HARS session. Updated plugin's online documentation on connecting to session, as well as a new section on source control integration. Thu. May 14, 2020
Houdini 18.0.466 Unity plugin: Improved session connection error handling, reporting, and providing recommended solutions via dialog window. The plugin will properly terminate the HARS server now on connection failure or when attempting to create another session. Fixed project build error. Wed. May 13, 2020
Houdini 18.0.461 Unity plugin: Now deletes the temporary heu_session.txt file in Unity project when closing the Unity Editor. Increased session connection timeout to 10 seconds. Fri. May 8, 2020
Houdini 18.0.437 Unity plugin: Updated UI with new logo, moved Asset Parameters section higher, and other smaller improvements to the general look and feel. Tue. April 14, 2020
Houdini 18.0.432 Unity plugin: For the paint tool, the plugin automatically adds vertex colors to the editable node's output mesh if it doesn't have it. Updated documentation for the paint tool working with the new Attribute Paint Sop. Thu. April 9, 2020
Houdini 18.0.432 Unity plugin: Fixed up grid snapping for curve editor. Thu. April 9, 2020
Houdini 18.0.430 Unity plugin: Fixed the paint tool so that upstream input changes are applied properly, color state is shown until asset is rebuilt, and added a paint mesh visibility drop-down to control when the paint mesh should be displayed (auto, show, or hide). Tue. April 7, 2020
Houdini 18.0.423 Unity plugin: Now supports loading HDAs from Unity packages such as those located in Library/PackageCache folder. The Unity object reference is stored in the HDA_Data, and the relative path is stored starting at Packages/. Tue. March 31, 2020
Houdini 18.0.422 Unity plugin: Fixed storing relative asset path when loading an HDA via Houdini Engine Tools shelf in Unity. Mon. March 30, 2020
Houdini 18.0.421 Unity plugin: Fixed Unity standalone build error. Sun. March 29, 2020
Houdini 18.0.419 Unity plugin: Changed the HDA preset saved file extension to .heupreset from .preset, since Unity uses the latter for its own preset file format. Fri. March 27, 2020
Houdini 18.0.419 Unity plugin: Added support for loading assets from Packages/, besides the default Assets/ folder, which fixes loading assets deployed using Unity's new package manager. Fri. March 27, 2020
Houdini 18.0.418 Unity plugin: Fixed up the input height field size and position when using grid spacing greater than 1. Updated documentation on correctly generating unity terrain using height fields, and using terrain as inputs, in terms of sampling, sizes, and grid spacing. Thu. March 26, 2020