Houdini Main Changelogs

Houdini 18.0.350 Unity plugin: Fixed multiple instance inputs where duplicate instances were being created. Fixed handle count being negative. Tue. January 14, 2020
Houdini 18.0.338 Unity plugin: For the curve editor, fixed not being able to draw int the top-left area, and fixed grid snapping in Y-axis. Thu. January 2, 2020
Houdini 18.0.314 Unity plugin: Fixed instances not being generted for object instancer. Mon. December 9, 2019
Houdini 18.0.311 Unity plugin: Added new functionality to store attributes on a new script component, called HEU_OutputAttributeStore, on generated gameobjects. See online plugin documentation under Attributes and Groups, as well as the new example asset HEUInstanceAttributeStore.hda. Fri. December 6, 2019
Houdini 18.0.310 Unity plugin:
  • Fixed terrain data not being generated in a certain case.
  • Allowing terrain size to be smaller than 33 units, which is separate from heightmap resolution which does need to be minimum of 33 units.
Thu. December 5, 2019
Houdini 18.0.295 Unity plugin:
  • Fix for terrain tile query fallback for scatter instances.
  • Fix for script build error for using Editor API.
Wed. November 20, 2019
Houdini 18.0.287 Unity plugin: Added fallback check to get tile attribute from heightfield's height layer if scatter layer doesn't have it. This fixes split heightfield tiles merged with heightfield scatter. Tue. November 12, 2019
Houdini 18.0.286 Unity plugin: Fix for TreeInstances with color attribute of size 3 for terrain generation. Mon. November 11, 2019
Houdini 18.0.286 Unity plugin:
  • Added support for generating trigger collider by specifying "trigger" in collision group name. See online plugin documentation on mesh colliders.
  • Added support for generating readable meshes via integer attribute "unity_mesh_readable" set to 1.
Mon. November 11, 2019
Houdini 18.0.283 Unity plugin: Added support for specifying override path for Houdini version to use with plugin. This is done in the Plugin Settings, in new entry: Override Houdini Installation. HAPI version compatiblity will be checked when creating new session after restarting Unity. Fri. November 8, 2019
Houdini 18.0.282 Unity plugin: Added support for specifying the export path of generated or copied TerrainData asset file via a primitive string attribute that can be specified on the height layer (unity_hf_terraindata_export_file). Fixed bug with TerrainData not being saved out based on tile index when generating multiple heightfield tiles in same asset and loading via HEU_GeoSync and PDGAssetLink path. Thu. November 7, 2019
Houdini 18.0.282 Unity plugin: Fixed transferring of attributes of various classes (detail, primitive, point) as vertex attributes, for quad meshes. Thu. November 7, 2019
Houdini 18.0.281 Unity plugin: Added support for generating quad topology meshes. This is done by changing the Max Vertices Per Primitive option in Plugin Settings to 4 (default is 3), and using HDA that outputs meshes with Quadrilateral connectivity. Updated online documentation for this new feature. Wed. November 6, 2019
Houdini 18.0.274 Unity plugin:
  • Fixed input terrain reference being lost when terrain gameobject is is disabled and is a child in a hierarchy.
  • Change the PDGAssetLink system to not keep logging error when session is invalid.
  • Now supporting primitive Unity collider meshes such as box, sphere, and capsule, using new group attributes (collision_geo_simple_box, collision_geo_simple_sphere, collision_geo_simple_capsule), as well as render/visible meshes by prefixing 'rendered_'.
  • Added support for multiple colliders to be generated for same output gameobject, if multiple collider groups are specified.
  • Now keeping track of generated collider components so they can be removed on recook properly.
Wed. October 30, 2019
Houdini 18.0.272 Unity plugin:
  • Fixed flipped axis rotation for instances.
Mon. October 28, 2019
Houdini 18.0.272 Unity plugin: Merged PR from plugin github:
  • Sped up the input mesh uploading in to Houdini.
  • Fixed input mesh nested transform bug.
Mon. October 28, 2019
Houdini 18.0.266 Unity plugin:
  • Added support for uploading quad topology input meshes without converting to triangles.
  • Added optional destination path to export prefab to in HEU_HoudiniAsset.BakeToNewPrefab.
Tue. October 22, 2019
Houdini 18.0.265 Unity plugin:
  • Fixed baked terrain not getting layers.
  • Added support for specifying a string parameter to be treated as an asset path parameter in Unity, by adding tag named "heuassetpath" to parameter. This allows to drag & drop assets or choose from asset library in Unity.
  • Now copying overridden collider mesh on instance over to the baked instance.
  • Now returning the newly created prefab or gameobject when baking.
Mon. October 21, 2019
Houdini 18.0.262 Unity plugin: Added support for disabling TerrainCollider in the plugin source via the HEU_TERRAIN_COLLIDER_DISABLED script define. Fri. October 18, 2019
Houdini 18.0.262 Unity plugin: Added support for overriding the collider mesh for instances when using unity_instance attribute on point clouds. To do so, another string attribute called "collision_geo" that points to the collider asset path needs to be specified. Then the collider assset's mesh will replace the created instances' collider mesh. Fri. October 18, 2019
Houdini 18.0.238 Unity plugin: Fix for rotation on generated instances. Tue. September 24, 2019
Houdini 18.0.237 Unity plugin: Fix for generating terrain where the height values below zero were not being used. Mon. September 23, 2019
Houdini 18.0.232 Unity plugin:
  • Fixed tree scattering when generating Unity terrain using heightfield scatter with point cloud.
  • Fixed the generated TerrainData not being saved to disk for PDG workflow (HEU_GeoSync).
  • Fixed the terrain being offset when the y position is being explicitly set via unity_hf_ypos attribute.
Wed. September 18, 2019
Houdini 18.0.230 Unity plugin:
  • Fixed up the height range override via attribute for terrain generation.
  • Fixed up the y position override via attribute for terrain generation.
  • Fixed the "Float array size wrong" error which happens when using a terrain layer not part of the terrain data, but exists in Assets/, for the PDG terrain generation workflow using HEU_GeoSync.
  • Fixed HoudiniAlphaSpecularVertexColor.shader to use vertex colour's alpha.
Mon. September 16, 2019
Houdini 18.0.229 Unity plugin: For terrain generation from heightfield, added support for specifying the Unity TerrainData's height range and y position via "unity_hf_height_range" and "unity_hf_ypos" float attributes set on the height layer. These allow to override the default calculated values for the height range and y position which might be inaccurate due to conversion or rounding errors. Sun. September 15, 2019