SIGGRAPH ASIA 2018 Presentations

Posted Dec. 12, 2018

Many thanks to all of the artists that joined us for Houdini Hive at SIGGRAPH Asia in Tokyo. With an impressive line up of presenters, everyone was given a unique insight into Houdini techniques used by artists and studios. SideFX is pleased to be able to publish six of these presentations for you to view online and thanks all the presenters for their contributions to the community. 


Junichiro Horikawa | Orange Jellies

Algorithmic Design with Houdini

 Junichiro-san introduces an algorithmic approach for geometric design called algorithmic design using Houdini and VEX scripts, and shows its further possibility of an algorithmic design such as using machine learning for geometric design.

[English with Japanese Translation]

Mark Elendt | SideFX

Houdini Rendering & De-noising

Mark talks about how professional renderers such as Mantra work and why noise occurs during the rendering process. Mark then discusses various de-noising algorithms including the Optix denoiser that can be used with Houdini 17.

[English with Japanese Translation]

Akira Saito | Polyphony Digital

Procedural Hard Surface Design

 Akira-san will talk about tips and tricks on the Voronoi tool inside Houdini based on his recent personal project on hard surface design. 

[Japanese Only + English Captions]

Masato Tsuzuki | Polygon Pictures

Making of toon-shading look
fluid effects

Masato-san presents various techniques to customize the fluid solver and discussing different approaches to procedural animation to achieve cell-shading or cartoon shading look over fluid effects.

[Japanese Only - EN Captions Coming Soon]

Luigi Honorat | Musashino Art University

The Virtual Form 

Luigi delves into how he uses Houdini to bridge the two mediums of sculpture and CGI - using computer graphics to explore new sculptural forms and ways to create.

[English with Japanese Translation]

Rob Stauffer | SideFX

Vellum Cloth

Rob presents the new Houdini 17 Vellum workflow - specifically creating cloth panels from scratch, creating a simple shirt, how to do multi-layer cloth setup, and how to achieve select material types like leather, jeans and silk.

[English with Japanese Translation]

Rob Stauffer | SideFX

Material Based Dynamics 

Rob dives into the new Material-based Destruction Tools which make it easier to set up and art direct destruction shots. This workflow includes tools for pre-fracturing materials such as concrete, glass and wood while automatically creating constraint networks that can be used to control how the materials break during simulation.

[English with Japanese Translation]


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