VFX and Animation Tools

Houdini FX | Distributed Simulations

Fluid and PBD simulations can now be distributed to multiple nodes on your farm to create and manage bigger sims. Distribution allows artists to work beyond the capability of any one computer and the results fit together seamlessly when rendering. A FLIP fluid simulation with a billion particles or more is now easily achievable.


SHED animation studio and SideFX are co-producing an animated short called "Outside". The worldwide premiere of the teaser launched on Saturday at TAAFI - Toronto Animation Arts Festival International. The teaser was produced in Houdini - including modeling, characters, animation, lighting and rendering in Mantra. If you weren't at TAAFI, you can see it here!

>> OUTSIDE | Website

>> SHED Montreal | Website

FLUID FX | Flood And Bridge Collapse

Take a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of a bridge being taken down by a raging flood. Creating by Houdini Intern, Meng Jiao Li, the sequence uses Houdini's FLIP Fluids, Bullet RBD and white water tools along with the wire solver for grass and tree simulations.

PYRO FX | Meteor Splash

Take a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of a meteor splashing into Lake Ontario in front of the Toronto skyline. The visual effects were created by Enrico Selmi using Houdini's FLIP Fluids and Pyro FX tools.

Tutorial Videos

To learn how to use Houdini to create art for your games, SideFX has a collection of learning videos available. You can use this with our FREE Houdini Apprentice edition or Houdini Indie to develop your skills.