Test my digital asset, is it Orbolt ready ?

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I created this digital asset about a month ago. It was created in order to proceduraly create many instances of Oil Wells. I polished the interface and added some small features since then.

What do you think I should add ? Is it ready to be uploaded in the digital asset store ?

I'm uploadin the .otl file and here is a little demonstration video :
https://vimeo.com/66956568 [vimeo.com]

OilWellMediationPic2.jpg (187.4 KB)
OilWellGen_v2r1.otl (38.3 KB)

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yes it is! submit!!
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Cool! These remind me of the big towers that hold long-distance electrical transmission lines far off the ground. It'd be cool to have another asset that combines some of the structures from this asset to make some of the variations on those sorts of towers, maybe for placing them in chains across a landscape too.
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