Problem with glue network in DOPs

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I am having an issue with my scene after following a cmiVFX Tutorial on crumbling geometry.

My glue network works fine if I play through it at SOP level, when it is being brought into DOPs, the constraint network geometry changes completely, with points disappearing and most of the polys gone as well. As a result, my entire model crumbles at once instead of using the glue constraints.

I have gone back and forth trying to figure out why this is happening (from memory, it works OK if I do not use packed primitives for my fractured geometry)

I have attached my scene as well as the model I am fracturing (It's royalty free) if someone does not mind having a look at it.

If you have a look inside glue_lady and hit play, you can see what the glue network should be doing, but if you go into the DOP network, the glue changes.

If I change the glue constraint in DOPs to use the “PRE_EFFECT” node in my glue network, it works fine in DOPs, although nothing happens as the glue constraints do not break in this case.

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