foam/bubbles heavyness

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when writing out foam/bubbles to files , the files are very big (500 MB/frame), and it takes a long time to simulate.
Is there a way to reduce these sizes during simulation..?

Main water body and splash are ok..


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Delete all except the most important attributes. I haven't messed with foam + FLIP, so I don't know what it comes with, but array attrs (new to H14) can be especially heavy. If you only need id and vel, try that.

Also, you might find an alembic cache a more efficient way to save particles. You have to have particles on the first frame; but it's usually smaller, and you only have 1 file to transfer over networks vs many files.
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are you referring to the whitewater source when writing out? or the whitewater simulation?

Deleting out attributes you don't need is a good idea, you could also try reduce the depth of the whitewater emission area to reduce bubble emission in the sim, I find the bubble emission to be quite aggressive.
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