[Asset - Maya Engine Plugin] SideFX Foam not work

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Hello everyone!

I downloaded this Asset https://www.orbolt.com/asset/SideFX::foam [orbolt.com] and load in maya. So far everything is ok

Knowing that need 3 things (Fluidd Particles , Fluid Mesh, Collision Object) for Asset work. This and my scene:

In maya I go Houdini Engine -> Load Asset. Again all fine.

Then I link all fields with their objects.

I Sync the Asset and hit play. But nothing happens! No Foam is generated.

Could anyone tell me what am I doing wrong? :?: I have not found a guide or documentation to understand how to use this SideFX Foam :?

Thank you for your attention and your time.
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Make sure your particles have a per particle attribute called ‘pscale’ (it's equivalent to maya particle radius). In the attached file I've added it to the nParticle1 (either add it on the maya side or the realflow side before exporting). If the particles are generated in maya then add radiusPP (this gets automatically maped to pscale by the plugin).

foam.ma (7.4 MB)

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