VEX Procedural Volume doesnt render if outside /mat ?

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I am almost sure its a bug so I already logged it through the site, however I thought it could be just a change in workflow and wanted to ask here if someone came across the same trouble.

I am attaching a scene with the problem containing this:

In it there are 4 boxes.

Each box is rendered as a procedural volume noise and each has a different material assigned to it
The box materials are as follows:

1. vex procedural volume from /SHOP/ network
2. vex procedural volume inside shopnet created inside the box geometry
3. vex procedural volume from /MAT/ network
4. vex procedural volume inside matnet created inside the box geometry

1,2,3 render as expected but i cant seem to make 4 render no matter what.

Also as a side note, the vex prodcedural volume nodes don't have the IFD bounds parameters as they did in 15.5 so i had to add them. I don't know if it is intended or a miss in H16

I created the scene on Hou FX 16.0.504 but also tested it on 16.0.540 and didn't work either.

Best regards

proceduralVolumeMat_v01.hip (238.8 KB)

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