RBD Instanced Particles that collide with each other ?

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In SI, if I emit RBD particles from a object, turn off gravity and stick them to the surface, they all jostle for position and move each other out of the way. Turning gravity back on, makes them all fall and collide with the floor

Simple stuff.

I seem to be struggling getting the same effect in Houdini. I can emit and instance the particles, but nothing I can do will make them avoid each other. They won't collide until I turn gravity back on and then they bounce on the floor and then each other.

I'm sure it's the way I'm plugging them together …

I'm trying to achieve a similar look to this :

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qCMKYa1OLHk [www.youtube.com]

Any ideas would be super appreciated !


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