How to iterate over groups in H16.5?

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Hello dear Community,

in earlier versions I could iterate over groups with the old for-each networks. How would I do that in the current version? I grouped Prims in several groups and now I want to perform a set of actions on each group. I don't see any option for that in the new nodes. Can someone help me out here?

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There is a special syntax where you use the ‘group’ prefix to access groups inside of a wrangle. So it is easy to examine the contents of a group with an IF statement.

if (@group_grp_RED) {
    v@Cd = set (1,0,0);
if (@group_grp_GREEN) {
    v@Cd = set (0,1,0);
if (@group_grp_BLUE) {
    v@Cd = set (0,0,1);
So the actual group name is ‘grp_RED’ not ‘group_grp_RED’.

ap_color_by_group_in_loop.hiplc (76.0 KB)
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Use a Name node to turn your groups into a ‘name’ attribute before piping into the new for each nodes:
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