Animated Houdini Asset for UE4 Help

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Animated Houdini Asset for UE4

Hi all,

I create procedural animated book, when I add frames to slider and I when in Houdini move with slider, animation is ok, but I when import Houdini asset to unreal and I when move slider in ue4, my bokk Is always static object and pages don't move. I have one question

can I created animation object in Houdini asst and import to ue4?

I thnanks all
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The current Houdini frame can't be changed via the unreal plug-in, and the plug-in doesn't support animations.
You could be using a timeshift node to change the frame, but that will give you a new static mesh after each update, which I doubt is what you want.

Instead, you probably want to use FBX export to get your animated mesh in Unreal.
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