100% White mask causes landscape actor to texture incorrectly.

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Hey guys,

I found a bug where if you create a heightfield, apply a full white mask to add a base layer texture, the engine will not read this correctly.

For example, I have a landscape material with 4 layers. Rock, Dirt, Sand and Gravel. My Dirt layer is 100% masked to ensure that the entire terrain is textured with a base layer, and then I blend on top.

The problem here is, the landscape does not apply the layer info. Below is an example
Image Not Found

Image Not Found

After going back to Houdini and adjusting the mask a little bit to ensure there are some blank spots, this is the result

Image Not Found

terrain 02 mask.PNG (622.8 KB)

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We're actually ignoring “flat” layers (=> filled with the same value) in the plugin, because Unreal will basically discard them anyway if we try to import…
Until Epic changes that in Unreal, there's not much we can do.

(just changing 1 value in the layer to be different will make it import correctly)
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