Windforce won't change direction

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I'm trying to have a basic flag waving sim. The flag is reacting to the wind, but I can't get it to flow in the correct direction. No matter whether I give it a positive or negative value, I still get the flag flapping to the left side of the screen (I need it to go to the right). The hip file is attached. Any thoughts?

Edit: I'm not sure why the wind wasn't causing the cloth to react. I did find a solution by modifying the properties on the actual cloth itself. The technique is illustrated here in case anyone else is having a similar issue: []

Edit: I found the answer to the wind force. From the documentation, “Do not use the Wind Force or the Fan Force DOPs with Cloth. These DOP forces do not currently provide the correct force information that the Cloth Solver requires.” If you found this through an internet search, reference the above vimeo link or the offical documentation here: [] for a more in depth solution.
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