why houdini help doc keep disappearing?

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I thought it was .416 issue, so I upgraded to .459, it seems the issue still persist.

When press F1 in houdini, after few click inside the help doc, the page simply crashes and needs to be reloaded.
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The inbuilt help window has numerous challenges and you'll have more luck by by setting the environmental variable: HOUDINI_EXTERNAL_HELP_BROWSER=1

When this variable is defined, Houdini will launch a default web
browser to display the help documents externally. This applies only
to the Houdini's floating help browser pane; the embedded panes will
still show the Houdini's own help browser. This environment variable
is useful to display html content which cannot be normally displayed
in the standard help browser (such as https).

Most times it also helps to log bugs via the Support menu on this page.
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