Saving Via HDA Processor Results Differ

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So we have an hda that creates a road on a heightfield. We then save the mask to a layer via the Heightfield Copy Layer sop. So we end up with a “road” layer in addition to the usual: height, mask, sediment, bedrock, debris, water.

If we write out a bgeo from the HDA directly we get all the layers:

BUT if we run the HDA from the TOPs network the “road” layer disappears and instead we seem to have 2 empty spots:

How do we go about debugging this? There is no error that's being thrown and the HDA is being processed, we check the time stamp. Here are the HDA Processor Parameters:

On a sidenote but somewhat related: Where does the debugging script you can enable from the HDA Processor get saved to? Could not find it in the Output file folder. Does it go somewhere else?
Thank you
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Not sure if this is your problem, but your HDAProcessor's Outuput File Name has file name as $OS.bgeo. If you have more than 1 work item, each one is going to write to the same .bgeo file (therefore overwriting each other). You should add another variable to the file name to produce different file names. You can use `@pdg_name` or some other attribute to do so.

The debugging script is found in your temp directory which is specified on your local scheduler.

If you are still having the problem, can you attach a simple HDA for us to reproduce it?
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