Handle and input geometry doubt for Building generator

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Hi, i'm somewhat new in Houdini and i'm testing the pipeline to work in Unreal. I'm working on a building generator, the idea is to take some cubes, allow modification inside Unreal using handles (the tool is for the designer of a project), boolean/create a volume from the total and the applying all the procedure to get the building.

My problem is how allow the transformation of the cubes in unreal. At first I tried to isolate a face and export is Handle, but it give me big problems, for example if I do the steps in this videos Your text to link here… [www.youtube.com]with a transform node, then the hda in UE4 stops working. I fixed it by deleting some parameters, but i can't change the handle position (always at 0,0,0).

Then I tried to use cube native of Unreal and adding them using asset input or world outliner input… but nothing seems works.

Any idea?

Here the Hda where i tried to use the Handles
Image Not Found

test_handle.hda (15.2 KB)

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