how to export colored geometry in obj format`

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I want to export some geometries with color as obj file and import them in Rhinoceros3D software.

The color information is already embedded as attributes on point and vertice levels, as shown below?

However, only geometry information is exported in obj file, and therefore, I'm unable to see colored surfaces when import it in Rhino, as shown below.

May I ask if there is a way to export geometry in Houdini with surface color information embedded?

And if there is, which file format I shall use for export?


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Image 52.png (138.9 KB)
test_geometry_export_to_rhino.hipnc (278.2 KB)

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Vertex colors are not part of the obj specification, although some applications add the data to the file anyways. These obj files are more or less out of spec and proprietary to the applications that support them. Houdini does not extend the obj spec in this way and won't attempt to save vertex colors in an obj file.

PLY files support vertex colors. If rhino supports PLY I would try that format.

Relevant help document: []
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color_ball.ply (5.2 KB)

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I guess it works?. Didn't look at the original hip but was curious and this is what I get opening the .ply in Rhino(5).

ScreenShot.jpg (15.6 KB)

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