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Hello Dears,
I am a newbie and trying to learn Houdini + UE4 level creation workflow, and seems to misunderstand a bit the main concept.
As an excercise, I try to generate a landscape with trees , all purely in Houdini.

My setup does the following:
HDA from UE4 pass landscape to houdini and have it output heightfield geometry and scatered points with unreal_instance attribute attached.

My questions are:
1. Is that possible to instanciate another HDA using unreal_instance attribute?
2. If yes, how can I pass params to the new HDA instance?

For example, I want to place some trees or/and foliage at those points,and it is not a problem with UE4 to instanciate actor, but I want to stay mainly in Houdini and do it using another Houdini Digital Asset passing some randomness in height and color, may be.

I can't seems to find any clear explanation either that can be acheived with Blueprint SpawnActorFromClass/Object or any “magic” unreal_uproperty values.
Perhaps someone could point me to the correct direction/solution.

Thanks in advance,
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