Any idea for Houdini <-> C4D pipeline with Redshift?

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Hello all, does anybody have ideas to transfer a scene between Houdini and Cinema 4D with Redshift? We are currently using FBX and Alembic for transfer scenes and rebuild material on the target software. Redshift doesn't seem like supporting exporting materials from software and import to another. With Redshift proxy, I get material working but I can't edit material nor geometry without losing functions of proxy.

Does anyone know any good way?
Thanks in advance.
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I don't think it's possible using a standard format such as fbx/alembic. RS proxies is about all you can do to package it up.

May I ask why you want to move a scene complete with materials into another package? Redshift for houdini works pretty well I heard. Is it just familiarity, or artist or license availability?

In the future, USD will be a viable format for moving a complete scene with materials from one package to another, but until then you're probably left with custom scripts or proprietary formats.
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