Houdini Technical Artist - London - Batman Arkham follow up

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Hey everyone!

Rocksteady Studios have sent me out to hunt for a supremely talented Houdini Technical Artist to work on their next title after the huge success of the Batman Arkham series.

They've got me on board to help due to there being some very specific needs so I'm going to paste the full list of everything they've given me at the bottom of this message. If you think this matches up with your skills then please do get in touch or apply here [www.skillsearch.com]!

Rocksteady are one of the top 100 places to work in the UK (that's all companies not just games studios!!) and are known to have some of the best benefits in the industry.

I hope to hear from you soon!

  • Experience in a AAA games studio
  • Extended knowledge of VEX and Python
  • Extended experience of creating and maintaining SOP based tools.
  • Extended experience and understanding of Houdini Engine.
  • Understanding of 3D Math functions (linear algebra & vector maths) for real time graphics.
  • Knowledge of 1 or more 3D DCC tools. (3dsmax, Maya,…)
  • Knowledge of 1 or more texture creation tools (Substance Painter & designer, Photoshop,…)
  • Knowledge of the Unreal Engine toolset.
  • Experience working on shipped titles for consoles, as Technical Artist.
  • Experience in creating solutions in node based editors.
  • Experience in creating and maintaining blueprint solutions.
  • Experience in creating DOP based simulations.
  • Excellent understanding of Pixel & Vertex Shaders.
  • Experience using profiling tools for performance reviews and optimisations.
  • Experience with creative coding frameworks a bonus.
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