HDA Processor not outputing geometry [SOLVED]

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I´m chaging my workflow to make use of HDA Processors, but I can´t figure out why it can´t output geometry (it outputs empty bgeos)., even when testing with the example files.
The asset is a simple HDA with a platonic inside, so no inputs are needed.
I´ve saved the debug hip file, and the hda comes in locked (as if it was missing the asset), but It´s not, as can be seeing in the image attached (04).
I´ve tried the example files but got the same result and didn´t find anyone else having this same kind of error.

SOLVED - There is something in my pipeline scripts that is messing up with houdini.
Edited by guilhermecasagrandi - Nov. 24, 2019 13:36:30

01.png (303.1 KB)
02.png (119.6 KB)
03.png (26.0 KB)
04.png (143.9 KB)
gen_platonic.hdalc (6.4 KB)

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