Rat Groom wip and updates - First Post and Second deleted

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Go for it man!
I wanted to create challenge thread and actually did, but removed it as I've changed my mind - I have very little time right now to tend to it. Hopefully soon, I'll revisit the matter.

I'll leave you with this tip when creating animals: search for “bald (insert name)” to use as reference images.

See this bald rat. The size of the eyes and how they protrude. Shape of the head, etc.

Too many artists (modelers) model the animal as they see it, with fur/hair and the end result, after adding grooming is often so far off, as it becomes almost a different animal.
Even when model accuracy might not be the focus (not sure why you bothered with the skull scans then), it doesn't hurt to do the best job you can do, from start to finish. In fact it helps, in so many ways.
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