Convert 'Unreal_Instance' to Source BP's & Static Meshes ?

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Is it possible to convert the Houdini Static mesh components instanced by an asset's Houdini Static Mesh Component to actual static meshes that can be selected/moved/deleted ?

I can bake them but then it basically generates new static mesh actors, and any instance entry that had more than one copy of the same static mesh turns into an actor class object.

I'm assembling something using houdini from static meshes, and I would like to be able to turn it into a set of separate objects when i'm done without creating entirely new meshes and getting rid safely of the houdiniAssetActor that created/placed them.

When I don't bake the meshes I can't remove the HoudiniAssetActor.

For example;
When I instance a blueprint, I can move it around and even detach the blueprint actor to separate it from the HDA.
But if I delete the HDA it also deletes the separated blueprint actors.

And I can't even select or move instances of static meshes placed using the point attribute “unreal_instance”.
As they are seen as a single object, even when I display actor components in the world outliner.

Is it possible to convert or extract the instances without creating new meshes, and instead just placing the existing static meshes / blueprint actors in their respective locations. ?
Detaching them from the HoudiniAssetActor like it does when I bake the result out ?
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Hi, did you solve it? I have the same situation with you. I try to use ureal_bake_actor and unreal_split_attr and so on, but they were not work for me.
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