cant get start with unity and houdini

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got problem
did all step by step from here []

inside unty getting this error

Loading Asset Library From File : HAPI Error: No Valid Licenses Found
- HAPI_LICENSE_MODE unset or is set to ‘default’ meaning Houdini Engine will first try to acquire a Houdini Engine license and if one is not found it will try to acquire an interactive Houdini license (Houdini Core then Houdini FX).
- No Houdini Engine license found.
- No Houdini license.
- No Houdini FX license found.
- No Houdini Engine Indie license found.
- No Houdini Indie license.
If session is invalid, try restarting Unity.
HoudiniEngineUnity.HEU_SessionBaseetSessionErrorMsg(String, Boolean) (at Assets/Plugins/HoudiniEngineUnity/Scripts/Sessions/HEU_SessionBase.cs:189)
HoudiniEngineUnity.HEU_SessionHAPI:HandleStatusResult(HAPI_Result, String, Boolean, Boolean) (at Assets/Plugins/HoudiniEngineUnity/Scripts/Sessions/HEU_SessionHAPI.cs:746)
HoudiniEngineUnity.HEU_SessionHAPI:LoadAssetLibraryFromFile(String, Boolean, Int32&) (at Assets/Plugins/HoudiniEngineUnity/Scripts/Sessions/HEU_SessionHAPI.cs:1046)
HoudiniEngineUnity.HEU_HoudiniAsset:LoadAssetFileWithSubasset(HEU_SessionBase, Boolean, Int32) (at Assets/Plugins/HoudiniEngineUnity/Scripts/Asset/HEU_HoudiniAsset.cs:1876)
HoudiniEngineUnity.HEU_HoudiniAssettartRebuild(Boolean, Int32) (at Assets/Plugins/HoudiniEngineUnity/Scripts/Asset/HEU_HoudiniAsset.cs:862)
HoudiniEngineUnity.HEU_HoudiniAsset:processRebuild(Boolean, Int32) (at Assets/Plugins/HoudiniEngineUnity/Scripts/Asset/HEU_HoudiniAsset.cs:786)
HoudiniEngineUnity.HEU_HoudiniAsset:AssetUpdate() (at Assets/Plugins/HoudiniEngineUnity/Scripts/Asset/HEU_HoudiniAsset.cs:586)
HoudiniEngineUnity.HEU_AssetUpdater:Update() (at Assets/Plugins/HoudiniEngineUnity/Scripts/Asset/HEU_AssetUpdater.cs:84)

i see menu houdini, can make some changes in options, but cant generate geometry from example.
what i did wrong?

tried unity hdrp and standart pipline
version 2019.3.15f1
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Do you have Houdini installed? Does it running properly? Which license is it using? Please submit license diagnostic info to if you are still having issues. []
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Do you have Houdini installed?
yes. version 18.0.499

Does it running properly?
tried to do something there (simple move view by mouse), but crushed twice.

Which license is it using?
downloaded Houdini for indie, but when i try ti start it i see Houdini Apprentice and it crush every time i try yo see “About” window - its crushing.
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