Anyone have luck with foliage and PDG World Comp Splits?

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Simon noted that the dev team was looking into foliage issues with PDG and world composition splits in the Desert lessons comments: []
I've seen a few change lists for foliage related issues, but the main problem still happens with the latest release.

If the instances are just instanced meshes, they will split up fine into their own world comp levels:

...but not as foliage. And you lose a lot of features if they are not foliage. It also doesnt appear to matter whether you use the unreal_foliage tag, point to Foliage Types within Unreal, or both. Same problem either way.

It seems to be two stages of problems: this first image is the pre-baked set of tiles in one level. As you can see by the selection, all the foliage is one, not split like the tiles. Unreal also sees that foliage as "invalid" if you try to use the foliage tools.

Then once baked, the landscape tiles are good in their own world comp levels, but the foliage is... odd. The first level gets all of the tiles foliage, the 2nd gets all minus one, the 3rd gets all -2, etc. Unreal still sees all of the foliage as "invalid" too. Does the unreal_worldcomposition_prepare node need some extra tags or divisions for unreal_foliage?

folAsMesh.PNG (951.3 KB)
foliageAsOne.PNG (883.6 KB)
pdgBaked.png (831.6 KB)

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