Houdini Bookmarks Python Panel

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https://github.com/gorrod/houdini_bookmarks [github.com]

A Python Panel aimed to help organize a scene by bookmarking and quickly accessing nodes, online references and file locations.

The Panel lets you drag and drop items and create folders by right clicking.

The Bookmarks get saved to the hipfiles hou.session module and get loaded up when opening the file again.

You can also save out and load up the bookmarks into json files to share between hipfiles.

It's my first Project working with Pyside but I thought I might as well share it, maybe someone finds a use for it.
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very cool!
thank you very much.

may I ask for a few features?

-is it possible to do flexible radial menu to list all the available cameras so one doesn't have to set it with top right drop down menu?
changing camera with radial menu on the fly is something I need most.

-and a camera bookmark, I know about shift 6-9 about storing bookmark, just I mean a tiny little floating panel on the viewport to store and restore the cam bookmarks (not like the Memory Bookmark witch is a little old stuff!

much appreciated!
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Hey gorrod,

Thank you so much! Something like that is really missing in Houdini.
I have a small request: could you make it optional that a new floating parameter panel gets summoned as one accesses the parameters of a bookmarked node? I prefer to show the parameters only in the already opened parameter panes.

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This is super cool! I notice there is no license associated with it, are you going to add a license to the GitHub so others are able to use it?


Peter B
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