Problems exporting vertex animation + mesh using VAT to UE4

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Hey everyone, Houdini newbie over here.

I am trying to export a vertex animation of an RBD simulation I created in Houdini.
I am using VAT to export, but I get this warning when I connect to my SOPPath:

Rigid-Body Dynamics (Rigid) mode expects the point attributes "pivot" and "orient" on packed points but at least one of them is not found on the input geometry.

I looked everywhere but can't find any references to pivot or orient. Are these attributes meant to be included in my fbx? If so, all I see is the following:

4 Point Attrs
fbx_rotation 3flt , fbx_scale 3flt , fbx_translation 3flt , P 3flt (Pos)

Exporting doesn't seem to work, I end up with an fbx file with no mesh.

Any help from you Houdini gurus would be most appreciated!
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Make sure you add the required attributes on the rbdbulletsolver.

Eg on the Advanced tab, add P pivot orient and check the Transfer to Geometry box

VATAttributes.PNG (162.4 KB)

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