VAT playback in Unreal Sequencer. VFX

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Instead of looping or triggering via Blueprint, for those doing more renderer activity with Unreal, im just posting for the record:

Anyone that needs to link the VAT playback to a sequencer. So you can scrub through or retime it in the sequencer/line it up with other imported animation. []

1. Add material to mesh fbx.
2. Add mesh fbx to sequencer.

In Sequencer on your Mesh;

3. Add StaticMeshComponent.
4. Add Material Parameters: Element 0.
5. Add Parameter: Display Frame.
6. Make Keyframes.

VAT playback Keyframe Unreal Engine Houdini Vertex Animation Textures SideFxLabs.

If someone knows how to do this in Unity, could you post? So people looking could find. Thank you!
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Awesome!! Exactly what I needed
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