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We’re crewing up at BDH on some exciting projects. Here’s our website! https://www.bdh.net/ [www.bdh.net]

Our ideal Environment Artist will be:
- Familiar with the VFX pipeline
- Knowledgable of geography, architecture and the laws of physics
- Able to provide proof of training and hands-on experience in 3D modelling and sculpting
- Familiar with 3D animation
- A good knowledge of the terrain toolset.
- Skilled in recreating photorealistic landscapes
- Able to understand visual language - texture, colour, dimension, scale, perspective, lighting, shade, composition depth of field, proportion, etc
- Good at communicating with the ability to work with creative and technical departments
- Self-motivated, able to work under pressure and meet deadlines
- Excellent regarding technical know-how
- A knowledge of Arnold, Redshift or Mantra.
- A cinematic sensibility and and appreciation of storytelling

Responsibilities of the role:
- Modelling and texturing elements
- Liaising with the other VFX Artists and VFX Supervisor regarding the layout and style of environments within the series
- Working from storyboards and concept art to develop environments
- Researching references and resources for creation of backdrops
- Creating prototypes and mock-ups in the early stages of production

If you’re interested please can you share your showreel/CV and let us know when you are next available.
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