Can't connect MQ with connect option

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I test Hqeue scheduler with connect option.
I started mq with: mqserver -i -p 2949 in my local machine.
And I got the error from Hqueue client log after clicking cook.
If I choose Local option, they worked well.

It seemed the farm client can't connect MQ.
NO error is in my local Houdini GUI and the green dot is always in cooking state.

What is the error reason and how to config mqserver manually?

[12:30:40.943] PDG Client is renderclient-01 [] 
[12:30:40.944] PDG Result Server is []
[12:30:40.944] PDG: Pathmap Zone WIN with 5 mappings for this zone.
[12:30:40.945] PDG_START: 71;-1
[12:30:41.245] Connection refused. Retry with back off: 2.4s 1/1
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "\\srv\netrender\hou\pdgtemp\33156\scripts\", line 407, in _invokePDGNetRpcFn
return fn(*args)
File "\\srv\netrender\hou\pdgtemp\33156\scripts\", line 258, in __call__
return self.doRPC(json_str)
File "\\srv\netrender\hou\pdgtemp\33156\scripts\", line 285, in doRPC
self.lasterror, reply_msg.getErrorMessage(self.lasterror)))
File "\\srv\netrender\hou\pdgtemp\33156\scripts\", line 80, in throwRpcException
raise rpcException()(msg)
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