Objects Fractured to Its Own Pieces

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Hi guys, If I have an object composed of separated parts (e.g. applying facet sop and turning unique points on) then how can I have it being fractured to pieces during rigid body simulation?
I have an unpacked object but it simply collides like a one-piece object.
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Hello, every object part, You decide to be independent in a bullet sim, You have to put a unique name attribute on it.
easy example for a input geometry that has some unconnected parts would be

- connectivity SOP
connectivity type = primitive,attribute = "name", attribute type = string and prefix = something like "pie
this creates a unique name name attribute for all independent islands

- assembly SOP
create name attribute = off, create packed primitives = on
this packs all primitives with the same name attribute in one packed geometry, and promotes the name attribute to the point level

now You have a valid geometry for simulation in bullet solver ( most of the time You want to use this one)
very small or very thin elements will give You troubles so better avoid them, so Your geometry is not ideal for this one better give them a thickness as well, not only flat prims
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