450 Million Voxel Fireball in 1080p-square

Second test and largest Pyrosimulation ive ever made:

Made in Houdini, rendered in Redshift

The Simulation has a Voxel Count of approx 450 Million Voxels.
Rendertime in Redshift was about 3 minutes in general on 1080x1080

Simulation took 8 hours on CPU.

Total Size of the simulation is 264gb (vel, density, heat field) the other fields are deleted otherwise the simulation would have a size of 1.2 TB.
The entire Simulation is retimed in Post - 50% slower.

Special thanks to Varomix Wey ( https://vimeo.com/mixtraining ), he showed me how it is possible to save more diskspace. This is possible by using the Volume Compress Sop., this brought 50% of Free Disk space while not loosing any detail. So in short words the Volume Fields are now compressed to 16bit. This brings also some speed improvements in rendering.


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