Procedural Asset for Indie Game Test

I was originally charged to make Chinese Traditional Architecture Visualization last summer with my Friend Daoru for Harvard CamLab.

Then Slowly, I merged some of my student work from SCAD into the level and form this open-world map.

The whole level is made with Houdini and HDAs except for two things.
Tower's CAD model(Daoru made in Rhino and grasshopper) and Characters(I bought it)

The scene contains around 40 HDAs that have mathematics ways to form buildings in order to precis the assets and also have a non-precis way(like boolean the wall) that is for optimization.

Due to the time limitation, I did not do many character animations since it is not my focus, but I think it gets to the point where the AC should go if they want to have some Asian History Story.



Technical Artist, SCAD student

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