Skys of Mars Sneak Peak

Almost one year ago, i had the idea to build something that i dreamed of for a very long time.Back then i started to prepare for this idea by learning photogrammetry and other methods. The idea is to build a 5 Minute piece of stunning 4K images which are showing the beauty of mars. This process is very very time consuming, because i do all most all alone, but Today i can say one third is finished, to celebrate that a bit i'll show you a tiny small sneak peak with a integrated shotbreakdown. I hope you will like it, and see where this goes.

to lay out some facts:

The second flyby shot contains 250 billion polygons at rendertime. All images are rendered in Houdini Redshift on . Every single rock contains of about 2 million polygons. All rocks are scanned with photoscan and refined with Substance Designer 2018. Everything was then brought together in Houdini 16.5. I also created the entire Landscape with Houdini 16.5 and their Heightfield tools and Substance Designer.
Everything was composed with Fusion Studio 9 and edited with Davinci Resolve Studio.
The Goal is to finish this 5 minute "Trailer", no matter how long it will take. I hope to be finished mid of 2019.


Soundtrack Composer: Adam Fielding
Sound Mastering: Thies - Gordon Wäß


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